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Conan Boardgame Delayed Until 2016

I have a horse in this race, having backed the astoundingly successful $3.3m Conan boardgame Kickstarter last February.

The news just released by Monolith Board Games LLC is that the game is now expected to deliver to backers in ‘the first trimester’ of 2016, with a very small chance it will be ready by Christmas 2015. The reasons for the delay are well-known at this point, but until now there had been no word on how it would affect manufacturing & shipping dates.

Monolith, a French company, had a deal with US boardgame publishers Days of Wonder to use their physical address and bank account in the US as a theoretical ‘base’ to run the campaign from. Kickstarter was not available in France at the time of the campaign, but this ‘borrowing’ of US addresses seems to be common practice and no cause for alarm. The problem arose when Amazon, who process and hold all Kickstarter backer payments, refused to release Monolith’s $3.3m until late April 2015.

Since the announcement from Monolith of the resolution of the Amazon problem, there has been no official word on how this would effect the game’s completion date. Given that much of the work on the game was forced to stop until the end of April, I guess now we know the result.

I’m annoyed, but not with Monolith. The situation has been completely out of their hands, and if anyone deserves an angry mailed fist shaken in their general direction, it is Amazon – for this annoyance, and many more…

<cough> Pay your taxes, Amazon, by Crom! </cough>

The good news is that the progress updates on the Conan boardgame are looking amazing. Today’s sad news was coupled with some awesome images of the first sculpt of the meanest monster in the game – Thaug!

I wonder if he / it will be my friend…


Conan boardgame Thaug miniature
Sculpted by Stéphane Nguyen. Image ©Monolith Board Games LLC
Conan boardgame monster Thaug
Sculpted by Stéphane Nguyen. Image ©Monolith Board Games LLC

1 thought on “Conan Boardgame Delayed Until 2016

  1. I’m not sure if 100% of the blame for this delay can be placed on Amazon’s shoulders. I suspect, this being Monolith’s first game, they were not totally prepared with everything that is required to release a high quality board-game.

    I backed BloodRage recently and they had no trouble delivering a new game on time, but they’ve had a good amount of experience at this.

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