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Submission Guidelines

Sinister Fish Games is open for submissions from first-time and established tabletop game designers. We can help you bring your game to market with the benefit of our experience & expertise in game design, crowd funding, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution to retail.

The Basics


Board games come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re open to almost anything, but one thing is non-negotiable:

Your game must have been playtested for real, on a table, by people, at least 10 times.

We’re not interested in ideas for games, we have loads of ideas of our own that are in the queue before yours. To jump the queue you must have got that idea out of your head and onto bits of paper & cardboard, tinkered with it, played it to death, and confirmed to yourself that it’s worthy of being published before you tell us about it.

It really helps if the game has also been blind playtested, which means it’s been played and enjoyed by people who sat down and learned it from scratch without any input from you.


We don’t need you to submit a polished looking game in a shiny box, but nor do we want to have to build your complicated masterpiece ourselves from scratch. Finished artwork is certainly not a necessity; placeholder art is fine, but don’t break your back over it. More important is simple & clean graphic design so we can understand & play your game as easily as possible. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it does need to be functional.

Contracts & Payment

If we like your game enough, we’ll offer you a deal and hopefully sign an agreement with you. Details will vary, but in all cases you will be paid for your work, and be given appropriate credit for it. It’s very unlikely that you will receive a large advance payment – we’re more interested in profit sharing, and we will be completely transparent with you about the details of this at all times.

We are VERY interested in:

  • Games that work well with 2 players.
  • Light to medium weight thematic Euro style games.
  • Thematic games with strong narrative elements.
  • Games with interesting components – not just cards.
  • Games that play in 30 – 120 minutes.

We would PREFER submitted games to:

  • Be playable by 2-5 players.
  • Have been playtested with players outside your immediate social & family circle.
  • Have rules that can be followed without your input.
  • Be submitted to us as a physical prototype OR virtual implementation.

We’re NOT currently looking for:

  • “Roll & move” games.
  • Chess variants
  • Drinking games
  • Abstract games.
  • Collectable card games (CCGs)
  • Quiz games.
  • Games themed around religion, politics, or sports.

How to submit your game

Please fill out our submission form, and we’ll take it from there. Good luck!