Villagers: Shifting Seasons – Retailer Pledge Information

Villagers: Shifting Seasons from Sinister Fish Games and illustrator / designer Haakon Gaarder is available for retail backers on Kickstarter.

Retail pledges are only available to registered businesses with physical stores. A verifiable business address and URL (website or Facebook page) will be collected in the pledge manager. If we are unable to verify genuine retailer status, your pledge will be cancelled and any payments made will be refunded.

How to Pledge

Go to the Kickstarter campaign page and select the Retail pledge option. Do not add any additional items. When the campaign ends you will be billed £10. When the pledge manager opens you will receive an invitation by email and you will be able to add whatever items you wish. Your account will have £10 credit.

Your full payment will be taken via BackerKit closer to the time of shipping, and we will be in touch by email prior to that so you can adjust or cancel your order if necessary. We will send you an invoice by email.

Pricing & Availability

Retailers will be given pledge manager access to the following at 50% off MSRP:

  • Villagers: Shifting Seasons (£15 MSRP) – sold in multiples of 6 at £39
  • Coin Chest 1 (£20 MSRP) – sold in multiples of 24 at £240
  • Villagers Playmat (£15 MSRP) – sold in multiples of 24 at £180

Every copy of the expansion will contain a pre-packed free Stretch Goal Pack (retail value ~£5). Each expansion will be stickered on top of the shrink wrap to advertise this. The Stretch Goal Pack will not go into general distribution, and will only be available direct from Sinister Fish Games while stocks last.

The Villagers base game and the 2018 Kickstarter Expansion are already in distribution and the fourth printing will be widely available before Shifting Seasons is released.

The Coin Chest and Villagers playmat will not go into distribution, and are only available to retailers as part of this campaign.


Shipping is free of charge for the following countries:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • EU
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

Rest of World – please contact [email protected] to arrange shipping after the pledge manager opens.