Streets: Deluxe Edition


Streets is an easy-to-learn 1-5 player tile laying game about building a city. Place your buildings wisely to make the most profit, and take advantage of the growing and moving crowds of shoppers, hipsters, tourists, and parents to come out on top!

This Deluxe Edition contains upgraded wooden components, and the exclusive Kickstarter Promo Pack (pre-packed inside the game box).

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Designed and illustrated by Haakon Hoel Gaarder (Villagers), Streets is an easy to learn tile laying game for 1-5 players where you build new streets in a growing city. Through careful planning and placement, the aim is to make the most money from selling your buildings.

The city is populated by increasing numbers of people (wooden meeples), each with their own preferences. These hipsters, tourists, shoppers, and parents increase the value of any buildings they occupy, and they move from street to street as they are scored. You’ll need to locate your buildings carefully and attract the right crowd to earn more than your opponents!

Streets is really easy to teach! If one person knows the rules, you can open the box and be playing in less than 5 minutes. The game also includes two optional expansion modules that add extra layers of strategy and player choice.

Box Contents

  • 47 building tiles
  • 6 consultant cards
  • 6 player aid cards
  • 87 screen printed wooden money tokens
  • 48 screen printed wooden business tokens
  • 48 heat transfer printed wooden meeples in 4 colours & 8 designs
  • 25 screen printed wooden ownership tokens in 5 colours
  • 2 small storage boxes / game organisers
  • 1 screen printed fabric drawstring bag
  • 1 rulebook

Promo Pack Contents

  • 10 building tiles
  • 2 consultant cards
  • 2 tile dividers
  • 4 large heat transfer printed wooden meeples
  • 1 rules sheet

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