Gloomhaven Removable Sticker Sets Available Now

March 24, 2017/ 0 41

Gloomhaven removable stickers

Removable Sticker Sets for Gloomhaven are now available to order.

[UPDATED: Tues 28th March 2017]

There’s a limited (in numbers) edition, and a retail edition, meaning that you have two options.

  1. If you already own a copy of Gloomhaven and would like the removable stickers ASAP, you should order the limited edition.
  2. If you’re planning to snag a copy of the Gloomhaven second edition via the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, you should pre-order the retail edition of the stickers.

The limited edition is being made in England and is being shipped now. Please allow at least 14 days for delivery from the time of your order.

The retail edition is being made in China and will feature different packaging. There is one small change to the achievement stickers included in the retail set, corresponding to an update in the second edition of Gloomhaven. We’re aiming to ship retail copies to coincide with delivery of the Gloomhaven second edition, later in 2017.

Dave Clarke


Dave Clarke is 44 years old and lives in Lincoln, England, with one dog, too many cats, and just enough humans. He is the least talented member of an unpopular punk rock band, and sometimes has dessert for dinner.


  1. Brett Miller

    Awesome! Your sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Quick question. I know I want this game, but I am not sure it is the right time in my life to add it to my collection (it is rather large and I am a student who moves frequently and doesn’t have enough time for the campaign, yet). Should I go ahead and pre-order these now and hold on to them or do you anticipate that they will be available in a few years as well?

  2. Dave Clarke
    Dave Clarke Author

    Hey Brett – thanks for the kind words 🙂

    I’m producing a number of retail sets for distribution, so the plan is that by the time the second edition of Gloomhaven comes out the stickers will be widely available in hobby stores and online. If those run out and demand is still there, I will print more. You should be good to wait.

  3. Matt

    Received mine in the mail. Good packaging, good quality on the stickers. They’re thicker than the originals even 🙂

    No print artifacts. So perfect! Thanks for doing this.

  4. Gregory Diel

    So if I am understanding correctly you are going to get a copy of the 2nd edition stickers at the completion of the kickstarter and will be getting them printed and shipped directly from your chinese printer?

    Do you expect that these vinyl ones will arrive prior to the kickstarters shipping out in August?

    • Dave Clarke
      Dave Clarke Author

      The retail edition stickers will be made in China and shipped from the U.K. They will also be available from retail stores. I am aiming to ship them in August.

  5. Will the 2nd edition stickers be available in retail stores in the US? How much is shipping to the US if bought from you?

  6. Greg D

    Do you know what retail stores will carry them in the US yet?

    • Dave Clarke
      Dave Clarke Author

      It’s unlikely I’ll get that level of detail Greg, as I don’t deal with stores directly. I sell directly to a consolidator who sells my products to distributors who in turn sell to stores. Best thing to do is ask your favourite store if they’ll be carrying the stickers – chances are the distributor they use will be able to get hold of them.

      • Gregory Diel

        Thanks Dave. I will ping my local guys. On the off-chance that nobody around me carries them can they be purchased through here and shipped to the states? If so, any guess on shipping?

        • Dave Clarke
          Dave Clarke Author

          I’d expect that any store carrying Gloomhaven will also carry the stickers – Cephalofair and Sinister Fish both use the same consolidator. Failing that, you can order from this site – shipping is approximately $8.

  7. Damon

    Hi! Hoping you can advise. I couldn’t find a FAQ.

    If playing 1st ed. Gloomhaven with the new Rulebook and Scenario Book from the upgrade kit, am I better off with the limited, or retail stickers? (Which component is the changed sticker/stickers for?)

  8. Hi Dave,
    Just wondering if these stickers are still tracking to ship in August sometime? I have preordered from a game store in Canada but someone is bringing them to Australia for me in October, along with some other things. I understand that promises cannot be made but just curious if the timeline is looking the same.

    Kind Regards

  9. Gianluigi Fortini

    Hi Dave,
    in relation to your previous post I was wondering if the late Sept / early Oct is a schedule for retailers only or every customer. I ordered the sticker set for the second edition in May on this website.
    For curiosity, are you planning to create (provided it is possible) anything for the Pandemic Legacy products?

    • Dave Clarke
      Dave Clarke Author

      That date is for direct sales – retail copies will go to my distributor & from there to retailers, so I expect they’ll be a little bit behind. However, I’m working on a plan to get direct sales orders shipped out much sooner. Watch this space…

  10. Russ Corbally

    Any word on when these are going out to direct sales?

  11. Oscar

    Hi, I ordered the stickers to a retail company in ES, they told me that they hadn’t received it yet and my gloomhaven is in its way… When should I expect to receive my stickers?

  12. George Faux

    Hi Dave, Its early October now and my copy is just about to arrive, is there a shipping update for those who ordered?

  13. Steph

    Hey, Canadian here so won’t have the chance for the U.S. shipment. Do you think you’ll have some available thru your website soon?

    • Dave Clarke
      Dave Clarke Author

      I’m pretty sure that Canadian stores will have stock. I’ll be releasing some more for sale here as soon as I can – there’s an email alert you can sign up for on the product page or the front page of the site.

  14. James

    When will more prints be available? I’m itching to get on with the game but obviously reluctant to start throwing perma stickers down.

  15. TroelsL

    Hi Dave,

    First of all, thank you for making these stickers. Second of all, will there be another printing soon? My local board game pusher is out. Only people charging 3 or 4 times your price on amazon remain

    • Dave Clarke
      Dave Clarke Author

      Hey there! There’s a second printing on the boat from China right now. It should be landing with my distributor in 2 or 3 weeks, and then another couple of weeks to filter into stores. Hope that helps you avoid the scalpers!

  16. TroelsL

    Two minutes for a response.. You are a beast! And a few weeks is brilliant. I can’t lie – the game is good enough that I won’t be waiting for it, but all players are hereby banned from purchasing card upgrades. I hope I can get the current stickers off the board with damaging it. Thanks!

  17. mike

    is there a thrid printing on the way? 🙂

  18. Greg

    Any chance you’ll be selling any on this website anytime soon? Local game shop doesn’t see any in stock on their distributors.

  19. sindarian

    Looks like the Gloomhaven Stickers are back in stock. My order went through without any ‘on backorder’ messages. 🙂

  20. Karl

    Will you be sending out shipping information for those of us that had back-ordered the stickers back in June?

    • Dave Clarke
      Dave Clarke Author

      Hey Karl, all the back-ordered stickers were sent out a couple of weeks ago, and email notifications were sent. You should have your order any day now, if it hasn’t already arrived.

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