The 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2016

January 11, 2016/ 0 0

By some miracle, Great Scott! is in the running for two categories in’s “20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2016” poll.

It’s actually not a miracle at all because a) there is no such thing, and b) several very nice people answered my previous call and voted for Great Scott! to get on the list in the first place. Either way, the final round of voting is now underway, and ends on Sunday, January 24th. There are some true juggernauts on the list this year (can you say “Scythe”?), but it would be amazing to see my little game make a decent showing for itself.

This is where you come in: if you have a account, all you need to do is head to their voting page and tick the games you’re eagerly anticipating this year, and then click the “Vote” button at the bottom of the list.¬†Great Scott! appears in the “Family & Children’s” and “Steampunk” categories, which are 13th and 23rd on the list respectively. The games are arranged alphabetically within each category.



I obviously don’t expect to win anything in a field packed with huge games from established publishers – in fact there are no prizes for the winners! The point of the exercise is purely to¬†raise awareness of the game prior to the Kickstarter campaign. Given that my advertising budget is basically zero at this point, you’d be doing me a solid favour!

If you’re feeling particularly charitable, you might also consider a vote or two for my fellow indie publisher friend Stuart Garside, whose game Ember is also in the running in the Family & Children’s, and Fantasy categories. Stuart and I are both hoping to publish our first board games this year, and your votes would mean a lot.

So other than Great Scott! (obviously), what is YOUR most anticipated board game of 2016? Tell me in the comments…


Dave Clarke


Dave Clarke is 44 years old and lives in Lincoln, England, with one dog, too many cats, and just enough humans. He is the least talented member of an unpopular punk rock band, and sometimes has dessert for dinner.

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