Game Design: Haakon Hoel Gaarder
Artwork: Haakon Hoel Gaarder
Players: 1-5
Estimated play time: 30-60 minutes
Suitable for ages: 10+
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Sinister Fish store status: in stock
Retail store status: 4th printing coming in 2021.

Base game contents


You are the founder of a new village during the middle ages, in the years after a great plague. The loss of so many people has created big problems for the survivors. Many of the people the villagers used to depend on for essential things like food, shelter and clothes are gone. Craftsmen find themselves without suppliers of raw materials, traders have lost their customers and many have lost their farms and workshops as they escaped the plague.

The roads are full of refugees seeking a new beginning. They come to you, hoping to settle down on your land and make a living. Your grain farm is the ideal starting point for a village, reliably providing food for many people. You must choose wisely who you allow to settle with you, as your food and resources are limited.

The people on the road have valuable and unique skills, but they all in turn rely on other people with very specific crafts to be able to work. Raw materials, tools and services must be provided by other people from the road.

If you manage to find people that can work together to make a profit, while increasing your food surplus and capacity for building new houses, your village will be prosperous.

The game comes with a solo mode where a lone village strives to prosper in spite of the dreaded Countess and her evil machinations.

Villagers Product Line

Official Rules Video

Rodney Smith does a grand job of teaching Villagers.

Villagers Rules Downloads

Villagers English Rulebook v2.0

Kickstarter Expansion Pack Rulebook v2.0


Thanks to our wonderful publishing partners around the world, Villagers is available in the following languages:


  • The two Bed Builder cards should have a green padlock icon in the top left corner.
  • The 3-5 player side of the “End of Draft Phase” card has four numbered steps, which incorrectly count 1, 2, 4, 5. The four steps should be numbered 1-4.
  • There is some missing text on the Priest card. Underneath the silver scoring formula it should read “3 GOLD FOR EVERY 2 SOLITARY SYMBOLS”.
  • The small padlock on the Priest card should be brown, not green.

The first printing of the game has the following errors:

If your copy of the game has these errors, you can get replacement cards from us completely free of charge, as stocks allow.

The “Revised Edition” of the game, from the second printing onward, corrects these mistakes. This version has “Revised Edition” printed next to the barcode on the bottom of the box.



Rahdo’s final thoughts on Villagers. See his YouTube channel for playthrough videos.
Villagers in approximately 3 minutes!
Villagers reviewed by Tom Vasel on the Dice Tower network.
Anthony & Francis from Ant Lab Games play through an entire game of Villagers and share their thoughts.

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  1. Hello, I kickstarted Villagers and I love it. Thank you. I just find adding up scores at the end to be off putting and complicated. Do you have a printable scoring sheet? I play mostly solo.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Lydia – really glad to hear that the game is to your liking 🙂 We don’t have a score sheet right now I’m afraid. Would it help if you take coins from the bank for each villager as you score them, and then total up at the end?

  2. Hi, the errata mention a “first edition”, and at the top a reprint in Dec 2019 is mentioned. Does this mean that the errata are already corrected if I order the game now from your website, i.e. is there already a second edition out?

  3. The version currently sold on the website is the first edition, but is shipped with corrected cards while stocks last. The revised edition (2nd printing onward) has the cards already corrected. I’ll update the description with this in mind – thanks for bringing it up 🙂

  4. Hello! I am a happy Kickstarter backer of 2 sets. I was going to get 2 playmats (each with Promo Pack 1 and a replacement card pack), but I didn’t see the KS update before the playmats had apparently just ran out of stock. I have checked here periodically. Now I noticed the promo pack and replacement card pack listings here are also out of stock separately. Is there any news on when all these items will be available again? Thanks!

    On a related thought, I don’t see a way to register my intention to order the playmats (like a ‘notify me when this is available’ button), which might be useful for you track how many people are waiting. Maybe this function could be added?

    Also, I didn’t see a link to the playmat or Promo Pack 1 on this page for the game, nor even a mention that they exist. May I suggest those be added as well?

    1. Thanks for posting Marc, you make some good points. I’ll look into adding a “notify me when available” button to our out of stock items. We’re currently just asking people to sign up to the mailing list, which we’ll use to notify everyone when the playmats and cards are available again. We have some stock here but we don’t want the inevitable spike in sales to cause unnecessary extra work for our already overwhelmed local mail sorting office. When things calm down, we’ll resume normal service.

    2. OK, that was easier than I expected! We now have waitlist signups for all out of stock products. Thanks for the nudge, Marc 😀

  5. I missed the KS, but would very much like to purchase the revised edition, KSE, Playmat and Promo Pack 1. Do you have a better idea when the playmat will be back in stock so I can include everything in my order to save on shipping?

    1. Sorry you missed it Shawn! Everything we have available is on the store. We only have the first edition of Villagers, but when you add the free replacement card pack that brings it in line with the revised edition.

  6. Thanks Dave, so then there’s no plan to reprint the playmat?

    1. We need to print quite a lot for it to be worth doing, so I would expect to offer them again if we do an expansion for Villagers.

  7. FYI on the PNP file. According to the rules, there should be 10 Hayer cards but the pnp only has 6. It looks like if page 10 is duplicated (which has 4 hayers) you should be good. This is for the Letter pnp version. I have not checked any other versions.

    1. Ah, good catch! Feel free to print extra to make it up to 10, and we’ll try to update the PnP file.

  8. Are there any plans to make the game available in the Dutch language? If so, I would be interested in this game!

    1. We are talking to a Dutch publisher so I hope it will be available in the future!

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