Sinister Fish Game Night

Game Night

It’s gamey night and the feeling’s right! We are running an online game night most Wednesday evenings from 20:00 GMT.

Here’s all the info you will need to get involved!

Join the Sinister Fish Games Discord Server!

Our Discord server is the main hub for Game Night – this is where we’ll meet & split into groups to play games.

Discord is split into servers and channels. Servers are themed around a topic or company, so our server is about all things Sinister Fish Games. Channels are how a server is split down into topics, and they can be either text or voice-based. Channels are listed on the left of the Discord server page, and there will be a specific text channel to arrange Game Night and sort out who is playing what, and with who.

We will use a voice channel for each game group on the night apart from the group or groups that are being live-streamed.

For live-streams we will use StreamYard. This will allow us to stream games to some of our social media accounts, with players joining as guests so we can all converse as we play. If you aren’t keen on being on a live-stream please bear this in mind. There should always be other games happening that are not being streamed! To join one of our StreamYard live-streams you just need a web browser and a link which will be provided by the game host on Discord. Here’s a quick video going through it all…

How To StreamYard

We will be playing games on Board Game Arena (BGA), which is a browser based way to play board games. It keeps all the rules enforced and has a good interface. For a quick look at what you can expect, watch this video…

How to BGA

If you have any specific questions, ask us on Discord. Anyone with a bold green username is one of the Sinister Fish Games team.