Board Game Videos: 29th July 2015

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Euphoria – How To Play

Channel: Watch It Played

Rodney talks us through the basics of playing Stonemaier Games’ dystopian worker placement game, Euphoria, and by crikey, someone had to! Euphoria designer Jamey Stegmaier is recommending this video over the ones on his own channel. Euphoria’s board is somewhat intimidating, but Rodney breaks everything down & makes learning the game much more palatable. Euphoria is in my small collection of ‘purchased but not played’ games, but thanks to this video, not for too much longer.

My Favorite Game Mechanism in Hanabi: Limited Communication

Channel: Jamey Stegmaier

Speaking of Jamey Stegmaier, I really like his series of videos where he looks at his favourite mechanics from various games. In this episode about Hanabi, he talks about how the limited communication built into the game prevents “quarterbacking” which can be a problem in other co-operative games, where one player has “solved” the game and can dominate the decisions the group makes.


Specter Ops Video Review

Channel: Board To Death TV

I love the chemistry between Board To Death hosts Felicia (not that one) and Giancarlo – these guys obviously have a lot of fun making videos & playing games, and they’re entertaining to watch. Their latest episode is a review of Specter Ops from Plaid Hat Games, a new hidden movement game in which one player tries to complete objectives on a map, while attempting to evade the other players.


Evolution – Flight Review

Channel: Drive Thru Review

Joel digs into the Flight expansion for Evolution, and makes me hungry to play this game again ASAP! Evolution is an interesting and easy to learn game where players control the development of prehistoric creatures, adding various traits and competing with other species. Flight appears to add a bunch more decisions to a game which already has plenty of tactical options, and Joel does a good job of explaining how the new options work.


Talking to a Manufacturer

Channel: The Forbidden Limb

I’m really enjoying this series from Brian “Good Cop, Bad Cop” Henk & friends where they discuss issues relating to tabletop games design and the industry at large – really useful stuff for games designers. Their latest episode deals with how to approach and choose a manufacturer, and things you need to consider before asking for quotes.



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