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Streets, The Road to Kickstarter: Part 1

This is an account of the initial preparations for the Streets Kickstarter launch. Streets is a wonderful tile-laying game by designer & illustrator Haakon Gaarder. It is his follow-up to 2019’s Golden Geek award nominated card game, Villagers, also published by Sinister Fish Games.

Please note: throughout this post it may sound like I assume the Kickstarter campaign for Streets is going to fund successfully. For the purposes of planning, I have to assume that. But, I am NOT taking it as a given! First, we have to finalise Streets both as an enjoyable game design and as an economically viable retail product. Then we have to make it irresistible via the medium of a Kickstarter page, so whether it sinks or swims is down to Kickstarter backers. Prior to launch, success or failure is unpredictable, so we just have to do our best and see what transpires. Nothing is taken for granted – I just wanted to get that straight.

We received the Streets advance copies last week and they look great. There are a couple of easy to correct issues with the print on the box, but other than that, the components are awesome. We got samples of everything except the rulebook and whatever storage solution we end up with (more on that later). I’ve ordered a fancy lightbox so we can take really great photos of all the components. I wanted them looking their best before we show them off, and we will reveal all in the first week of August. If you sign up to our mailing list, you can follow along & get the first look at what we’ve got cooking!

Speaking of weeks – there are less than 6 of them to go before Kickstarter launch! With that in mind, Carly has been helping me get more organised. We have all our tasks mapped out in Trello and everything is currently well on track for our September 1st launch. It’s currently so well organised that I kind of feel like I’m not trying hard enough. I think that’s just me comparing it to my usual organised chaos way of doing things, so it will probably be fine. I’m feeling just the right level of stress to prioritise effectively and make sure things get done, so hopefully it stays that way. The alternative is me pacing around with my head in my hands, being overly dramatic about small problems, and nobody needs that.

Haakon is working hard on the Kickstarter video – the early version I’ve seen is pretty slick. He’s a professional animator so I expected nothing less! We’re close to finalising the voice-over script, which will then be professionally recorded so that Haakon can match the animation to it.

We have our Kickstarter preview videos booked in & prototypes shipped. I just heard that Rahdo received his copy today, and I’m really happy that he’ll be doing his trademark playthrough and “final thoughts” videos for us. Tom Heath aka Slickerdrips will be giving a video rundown of the game, as will the good folk at Tantrum House. We’ll also have a contribution from Jesse Anderson aka Quackalope who is fairly new on the scene but makes really high quality content and seems like a really nice guy to boot.

I might be able to squeeze in another preview or two, but we’re limited by time and the number of prototypes we have. It should be noted that I have not asked for reviews from anyone that I’m paying to make content. Generally, previews are paid for, and reviews are not. Paid content will be marked as such on the campaign page.

Haakon and I are currently working on the details of our stretch goal plan. I will post more about this once we have it 100% locked down. We’re trying to find a good balance of sensible and exciting, and I think we’re coming close to that. One thing is for sure – we will not be coming up with stretch goals on the fly during the campaign!

This morning, Carly & I ordered a bunch of equipment to enable us to do a basic two camera livestream, so we can do live gameplay videos and more. I have a horrible feeling that an expensive knock-on effect will be having to get a new laptop, but I’m hoping (perhaps beyond hope) that my 9 year old MacBook is up to the task! The plan is to do lots of streaming in the run-up and during the campaign. We’ll also be taking part in the Virtual UK Games Expo at the end of August, so we need to know what we’re doing by then!

One big issue I’ve been dealing with is shipping, and finding the best way to get Streets into people’s hands after the campaign. We would love to do it ourselves (as we did for Villagers, except faster!), but we can’t depend on having enough space, which means making other plans. To put it mildly, international shipping is unpredictable right now, and it’s way more expensive than doing it ourselves would be. Royal Mail, who we use for all our mail, has just massively increased prices for parcels due to the pandemic. All international destinations are subject to a virus surcharge, which is because mail carriers are having to use charter flights to move the worlds mail instead of relying on much cheaper passenger flights which are still mostly not flying.

Worst affected is the USA, where we expect the bulk of our pledges will go. The current US administration has for some reason doubled the cost for outside carriers (such as Royal Mail) to use the United States Postal Service for ‘final mile’ delivery, which means the cost for us to send to the US has doubled and in some cases tripled. Not good. Maybe if the administration changes in November, the extra fees might be reversed in 2021, but obviously we can’t count on that.

Luckily, our retail distributor in the US also does Kickstarter fulfilment, and we’ll be sending them a shipment of retail copies anyway (assuming the game funds of course!), so it makes sense for them to send out our US pledges. Believe it or not, this is STILL more expensive than it would have been for us to do it ourselves, but it’s the least bad option we have right now. I’m currently comparing prices from various other fulfilment companies and looking for the best solution. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that shipping is just plain expensive these days, and we are going to have to work in a subsidy to soften the blow, but I think we can get it to acceptable levels.

One big change we’re making from the Villagers campaign is that we are going to charge for shipping in the pledge manager, which will likely be months after the end of the campaign. I will put the best possible shipping estimates up on the campaign page, and there’s always the possibility of finding better prices in the meantime. Simply knowing how many copies of the game need to be sent out makes a huge difference to how we handle it, and what the final cost will be. We think this is the best way to protect ourselves and our backers against unforeseen circumstances, and we hope you agree. Something we learned from Villagers is that offering cheap do-it-yourself shipping can potentially result in disaster. We were lucky to avoid one, and we won’t risk it again.

As for things left to do, there’s plenty: we need to finalise the public release of the Tabletop Simulator files, shoot videos, write press releases, build the campaign page, set up the pledge manager, finalise stretch goals, do social media stuff, overhaul our customer support system, schedule more advertising, and a bunch more. We will not have time to get bored.

I mentioned the storage solution for Streets earlier, and we are not decided on it yet. As you may have noticed, the Streets box will be exactly the same size & format as Villagers, almost as if they were part of a series! We want the deluxe and retail versions to come in the same box, but there’s quite a difference in the volume and delivery format of the components – the deluxe version replaces ALL the retail version cardboard tokens & punchboards with bags (and probably a box) of wooden components. The upshot of all this *might* be that we end up with a very simple box insert, or no insert at all. I think that’s a reasonable price to pay for there being basically no air in the box (certainly in the deluxe edition), but do let me know what you think in the comments.

So we’re in the thick of it, but in a good way! I can really feel the excitement building in my bones, although that might just be too much coffee. Either way, I can’t wait to show you more of what we have planned!

Thanks so much for being with us so far.

Stay safe & speak soon,


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Play Villagers for Free!

Villagers on Tabletop Simulator

Since so many of us are stuck at home on lockdown, we wanted to offer another way to use up some free time. So, we’ve updated the Villagers Tabletop Simulator and Print & Play files. Enjoy!

To keep up to date on Villagers and our upcoming games, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Villagers on Tabletop Simulator

The newly updated version of Villagers is now available to play on Tabletop Simulator (TTS), including the Kickstarter expansions and solo mode.

Since the setup is different at various player counts, there are three different TTS workshop files for Villagers. Just pick the relevant ones, subscribe, and they’ll be available on the Workshop section next time you boot up TTS.

You’ll find other Villagers fans at the Villagers Game Community page on Facebook. Feel free to recruit extra players and organise games there.

TTS Solo mode

TTS 2 Players

TTS 3-4 Players

Villagers Print & Play Files

Newly updated to include the Kickstarter expansions, the Villagers Print & play files contain absolutely everything you need to make your own copy of the game. We’ve formatted the cards for the minimum amount of cutting – just pick the folder relevant to the paper size you’re using, A4 or US Letter.

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Villagers playmat & promo cards pre-order shipping FAQ

If you pre-ordered the Villagers playmat, promo cards, or replacement cards and have not yet received them, please refer to the following FAQ.

Last updated: 25/05/2020

Has my pre-order shipped?

Yes, all orders have now shipped.

When will the replacement cards, promo cards and playmats be on sale again?

Due to the pandemic, our local mail sorting office is currently overwhelmed. Since our cards & playmats aren’t exactly essential items, we have decided to delay putting them back on sale until the virus situation calms down. When the time is right, they will be on sale in the Sinister Fish shop.

You can sign up for our mailing list to be notified when they go back on sale.

My order is marked as shipped but has not arrived, why is this?

The mail systems in many countries are experiencing delays as a result of the virus, so your parcel is likely just waiting to move to the next stage of shipping. As a result of this we kindly ask that you allow a full 58 working days for delivery before getting in contact with us. If after this time it has still not arrived, we will reevaluate the situation and take appropriate action for you.

Can my shipping address be changed?

All outstanding orders have been submitted for shipping, so no changes can be made. If your parcel cannot be delivered to your specified address, it will be returned to us and can be reshipped once we receive it. 

I never received tracking information for my playmat pre-order.

Playmat pre-orders for Europe and the UK were not sent tracked. Customers outside Europe were sent tracking information via email from “[email protected]”. If you can’t find this email and would like us to send you your tracking info, please contact us.

My question isn’t covered here!

For any other questions, please contact us.

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Stonemaier Quietly Announces New Game

Stonemaier Games Charterstone Legacy Euro

Image from

At the end of a YouTube video released on April 5th, Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games, very quietly announced his new game. For someone who, in the space of three games, has gone from publishing a sleeper hit to a juggernaut, I find it surprising (and awesomely cool) that Jamey appears to have chosen such a low key way to reveal the first details of his (and, I assume, Alan Stone’s) hotly awaited next game. Continue reading Stonemaier Quietly Announces New Game

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Kickstarter Android App Available

Kickstarter Android app

It’s been a long time coming but you can finally download the official Kickstarter Android app.

Unlike a lot of websites that work fine in a regular mobile web browser, Kickstarter via an app is a much smoother and more pleasurable experience, and now Android users can join the party! Version 1.0 of the Kickstarter Android app is available from today via the Google Play Store, following on the heels of the iOS app after an inexplicable wait of 3 years. Continue reading Kickstarter Android App Available

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The 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2016

By some miracle, Great Scott! is in the running for two categories in’s “20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2016” poll.

It’s actually not a miracle at all because a) there is no such thing, and b) several very nice people answered my previous call and voted for Great Scott! to get on the list in the first place. Either way, the final round of voting is now underway, and ends on Sunday, January 24th. There are some true juggernauts on the list this year (can you say “Scythe”?), but it would be amazing to see my little game make a decent showing for itself. Continue reading The 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2016

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Developing Great Scott! – Part 7: Print, and Indeed, Play!

Hey there – long time no see! So in-between my web design work, I’ve been hacking away at getting the files for the Great Scott! cards finalised. I’m *this* close to ordering a proof copy of the core game from DriveThru Cards, but I figured there was nothing stopping me from making a Print ‘n’ Play version of the game, so that’s exactly what I’ve done! Continue reading Developing Great Scott! – Part 7: Print, and Indeed, Play!

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UK Board Game Cafés on Kickstarter

UK board game cafes

UPDATE: All three of these campaigns funded successfully – how good is that?!

Board game cafés are very thin on the ground in the UK right now, but then three come along all at once! Check out these UK board game cafés looking for funding on Kickstarter right now. If you’re anywhere near Preston, Exeter, or Portsmouth, these are well worth a look. Continue reading UK Board Game Cafés on Kickstarter