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Play Villagers for Free!

Villagers on Tabletop Simulator

Since so many of us are stuck at home on lockdown, we wanted to offer another way to use up some free time. So, we’ve updated the Villagers Tabletop Simulator and Print & Play files. Enjoy!

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Villagers on Tabletop Simulator

The newly updated version of Villagers is now available to play on Tabletop Simulator (TTS), including the Kickstarter expansions and solo mode.

Since the setup is different at various player counts, there are three different TTS workshop files for Villagers. Just pick the relevant ones, subscribe, and they’ll be available on the Workshop section next time you boot up TTS.

You’ll find other Villagers fans at the Villagers Game Community page on Facebook. Feel free to recruit extra players and organise games there.

TTS Solo mode

TTS 2 Players

TTS 3-4 Players

Villagers Print & Play Files

Newly updated to include the Kickstarter expansions, the Villagers Print & play files contain absolutely everything you need to make your own copy of the game. We’ve formatted the cards for the minimum amount of cutting – just pick the folder relevant to the paper size you’re using, A4 or US Letter.

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Villagers playmat & promo cards pre-order shipping FAQ

If you pre-ordered the Villagers playmat, promo cards, or replacement cards and have not yet received them, please refer to the following FAQ.

Last updated: 25/05/2020

Has my pre-order shipped?

Yes, all orders have now shipped.

When will the replacement cards, promo cards and playmats be on sale again?

Due to the pandemic, our local mail sorting office is currently overwhelmed. Since our cards & playmats aren’t exactly essential items, we have decided to delay putting them back on sale until the virus situation calms down. When the time is right, they will be on sale in the Sinister Fish shop.

You can sign up for our mailing list to be notified when they go back on sale.

My order is marked as shipped but has not arrived, why is this?

The mail systems in many countries are experiencing delays as a result of the virus, so your parcel is likely just waiting to move to the next stage of shipping. As a result of this we kindly ask that you allow a full 58 working days for delivery before getting in contact with us. If after this time it has still not arrived, we will reevaluate the situation and take appropriate action for you.

Can my shipping address be changed?

All outstanding orders have been submitted for shipping, so no changes can be made. If your parcel cannot be delivered to your specified address, it will be returned to us and can be reshipped once we receive it. 

I never received tracking information for my playmat pre-order.

Playmat pre-orders for Europe and the UK were not sent tracked. Customers outside Europe were sent tracking information via email from “”. If you can’t find this email and would like us to send you your tracking info, please contact us.

My question isn’t covered here!

For any other questions, please contact us.

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Stonemaier Quietly Announces New Game

Stonemaier Games Charterstone Legacy Euro

Image from

At the end of a YouTube video released on April 5th, Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games, very quietly announced his new game. For someone who, in the space of three games, has gone from publishing a sleeper hit to a juggernaut, I find it surprising (and awesomely cool) that Jamey appears to have chosen such a low key way to reveal the first details of his (and, I assume, Alan Stone’s) hotly awaited next game. Continue reading Stonemaier Quietly Announces New Game

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Kickstarter Android App Available

Kickstarter Android app

It’s been a long time coming but you can finally download the official Kickstarter Android app.

Unlike a lot of websites that work fine in a regular mobile web browser, Kickstarter via an app is a much smoother and more pleasurable experience, and now Android users can join the party! Version 1.0 of the Kickstarter Android app is available from today via the Google Play Store, following on the heels of the iOS app after an inexplicable wait of 3 years. Continue reading Kickstarter Android App Available

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The 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2016

By some miracle, Great Scott! is in the running for two categories in’s “20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2016” poll.

It’s actually not a miracle at all because a) there is no such thing, and b) several very nice people answered my previous call and voted for Great Scott! to get on the list in the first place. Either way, the final round of voting is now underway, and ends on Sunday, January 24th. There are some true juggernauts on the list this year (can you say “Scythe”?), but it would be amazing to see my little game make a decent showing for itself. Continue reading The 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2016

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Developing Great Scott! – Part 7: Print, and Indeed, Play!

Hey there – long time no see! So in-between my web design work, I’ve been hacking away at getting the files for the Great Scott! cards finalised. I’m *this* close to ordering a proof copy of the core game from DriveThru Cards, but I figured there was nothing stopping me from making a Print ‘n’ Play version of the game, so that’s exactly what I’ve done! Continue reading Developing Great Scott! – Part 7: Print, and Indeed, Play!

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UK Board Game Cafés on Kickstarter

UK board game cafes

UPDATE: All three of these campaigns funded successfully – how good is that?!

Board game cafés are very thin on the ground in the UK right now, but then three come along all at once! Check out these UK board game cafés looking for funding on Kickstarter right now. If you’re anywhere near Preston, Exeter, or Portsmouth, these are well worth a look. Continue reading UK Board Game Cafés on Kickstarter

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Board Game Videos: 29th July 2015

Euphoria – How To Play

Channel: Watch It Played

Rodney talks us through the basics of playing Stonemaier Games’ dystopian worker placement game, Euphoria, and by crikey, someone had to! Euphoria designer Jamey Stegmaier is recommending this video over the ones on his own channel. Euphoria’s board is somewhat intimidating, but Rodney breaks everything down & makes learning the game much more palatable. Euphoria is in my small collection of ‘purchased but not played’ games, but thanks to this video, not for too much longer.

Continue reading Board Game Videos: 29th July 2015