Removable Stickers for Gloomhaven

March 10, 2017/ 0 2

Sinister Fish Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of official removable sticker sets for the smash hit board game, Gloomhaven.

The Gloomhaven Removable Sticker Set replicates every sticker found in the core game box, including seals for envelopes and character boxes. The vinyl stickers are fully removable, allowing players to reset the game without making a mess of the board. With care, the stickers can be used more than once, making them an attractive prospect for players wishing to experience the majesty of Gloomhaven’s expansive campaign for a second time.

Retail store owners will also have the ability to give non-destructive demonstrations of the game.

The first wave of sticker sets will be produced on a print on demand basis around the end of March 2017, and will be available to purchase from the Sinister Fish Games webstore. Dependent upon demand, mass production is being planned to coincide with the release of Gloomhaven’s second printing.

Further details will be released shortly, and protoype stickers will be demonstrated at AireCon 4 in Harrogate, England, on March 11th & 12th.

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    Will you be able to ship to other countries, to Sweden for example?

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