About Sinister Fish Games

Sinister Fish Games. Who?

Sinister Fish Games is a board & card game design and publishing company, based in Lincolnshire, England.

We are a group of 30 & 40-something best friends who are passionate about games and have been gaming together since the early 1990s. We grew up on a steady diet of tabletop RPGs, computer & video games, live action roleplaying, with side orders of genre movies & TV, and fantasy & sci-fi literature. As a group, we have roughly 150 man-years of games & geekery to our names, and we don’t regret a second of it!

Since 1988 we’ve been writing & organising our own fantasy LARP games, working our way through 5 editions of our homegrown rules system and world background. This has involved writing hundreds of game scenarios and taking countless hits from rubber swords in some very uncomfortable places. We’ve organised countless one day LARP events, and a few two and three-day extravaganzas, so we know a bit about pulling together a lot of elements to make a project happen.

Early in 2015, we decided to try our hand at tabletop game design, and Sinister Fish Games was born. Our first game, Great Scott! – The Game of Mad Invention. was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2016.

We’d love it if you would follow us on this adventure by joining our mailing list: The Friends of Sinister Fish.

Although it sounds like a weird cult, it’s really just a mailing list which we’ll use to send you news & stuff periodically. Unfortunately, there will be no candlelit rituals or funny handshakes, but there might be cake…

Sinister Fish Games - concept art