July 2015

Board Game Videos: 29th July 2015

Euphoria – How To Play

Channel: Watch It Played

Rodney talks us through the basics of playing Stonemaier Games’ dystopian worker placement game, Euphoria, and by crikey, someone had to! Euphoria designer Jamey Stegmaier is recommending this video over the ones on his own channel. Euphoria’s board is somewhat intimidating, but Rodney breaks everything down & makes learning the game much more palatable. Euphoria is in my small collection of ‘purchased but not played’ games, but thanks to this video, not for too much longer.

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Developing Great Scott! – Part 6: Always Talk to Strangers

This post marks a milestone: there have been no major changes to Great Scott! since the last time I wrote about it. Wonders will never cease.

I thought I’d make a short post with a playtest report for the current version of Great Scott!. The good people at Lincoln’s premier comics & tabletop games store gave me some table space at one of their weekly boardgaming nights, and I spent four hours watching people play the game. Read More