June 2015

Developing Great Scott! – Part 4: Never Say it’s Final

A lot has happened since I last wrote about the development process of Great Scott! The short story is, we’re changing the game. If you’d like to how it’s changing, and the reasons for its new direction, read on…

A couple of weeks ago, Jon, Dave T, Carly, and I headed over to Birmingham for the UK Games Expo. We had a three hour playtesting slot booked through the lovely people at Playtest UK, and we held in our sweaty palms the first ‘final’ version of Great Scott! which had been colour printed, cut by hand, and carefully sleeved. It looked splendid. Everything went swimmingly, we arrived in the nick of time, and we played the first two games of Great Scott! ever to take place outside of my kitchen! Read More

Conan Boardgame Delayed Until 2016

I have a horse in this race, having backed the astoundingly successful $3.3m Conan boardgame Kickstarter last February.

The news just released by Monolith Board Games LLC is that the game is now expected to deliver to backers in ‘the first trimester’ of 2016, with a very small chance it will be ready by Christmas 2015. The reasons for the delay are well-known at this point, but until now there had been no word on how it would affect manufacturing & shipping dates. Read More